These are some of the projects and organizations I am part of on GitHub.

About This Guy

I am a software engineer with over a decade of experience developing applications with PHP, MySQL, and Javascript. My tools of choice are the Kohana PHP framework, of which I am a core developer, and JQuery. I also love experimenting with cool technologies like the AMQP protocol, document and key/value stores like CouchDB, Redis, and Cassandra; as well as other languages like Python and Ruby.

I'm currently working at KIXEYE as a PHP Engineer. When I'm not working I am often contributing to my own or other people's open source projects. I am a huge advocate of open source software and feel that keeping all my code public is a good opportunity for others to learn from my mistakes (and maybe a few successes); after all, most of what I know, has been learned from reading through other people's work.